dog01Behavior problems are the most common reason that pets are taken to shelters or euthanized. However, it does not have to be that way.

Some behavior problems are caused by medical conditions. Once we fix the underlying problem, the behavior problem usually fixes itself. The most common problem that veterinarians see is inappropriate urination. Cats and dogs with urinary tract infections, stones, and other bladder problems will go back to urinating in the proper place once they are healthy again.

Pain can also cause the most docile pet to become aggressive, so it is important to rule out any painful problems before euthanizing your pet. There are many other behavioral problems that can be caused by pain and other medical conditions so it is important to have your pet seen by a veterinarian before making any decisions.

If your pet is healthy but still has behavior problems, there are behavioral specialists. These people are willing to work with you and your pet to try to solve the problem. It may take time and a little medication (often for anxiety), but you may be able to get your pet back.

These specialists are dedicated to helping you so that you can keep your pet. They will do whatever they can to try to solve the problem. They are dedicated to working with pets that suffer from aggression, fear, anxiety, or have other behaviors that may be frustrating you. They will spend hours, days, weeks, or more to do what it takes to help your pet. They will coach you so that you can continue to work with your pet until your pet has stopped the behavior.

Behavior problems can be a pain (literally), but if you are dedicated to finding a solution, you should be able to keep your precious pet.

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