Internal Parasites

puppy02Internal parasites cause harm not only to our pets but also the people that care for them.

Some common internal parasites are roundworms and hookworms. There are also whipworms, tapeworms, among others!

Most puppies and kitten are born with internal parasites. It is just a fact, so it is important to deworm your puppies and kittens several times when they are young. You want to make sure you catch every worm at every stage, so most veterinarians recommend deworming every two weeks when they are little.

Once pets are a little older, it is important to deworm them regularly. Many veterinarians recommend a yearly fecal test. However, just because a fecal is negative does not mean your pets are clear. When running a sample, only a small amount is tested, so even if no worms are seen, your pets may still have them. For this reason, many veterinarians prefer to routinely deworm pets to make sure that they are safe.

Pets get worms from the outside environment. Worms and eggs can live in the soil for years! However, even if your pets are strictly inside animals, they may pick up a worm. Other pets that go in and out can bring internal parasites into the home, affecting all of the other pets in the household as well.

Deworming your pets is important because it also keeps you and your family healthy. Worms can cause a lot of problems in people. They can even cause blindness in children, which is why you should always wash your hands (and your children’s hands) after playing with your pets. It is also important to clean up the stool so that your pets don’t reinfect themselves.

Parasite control is good for you and your pets. Always clean up after your pets to minimize parasites. Also, wash your hands thoroughly after handling your pets, especially when they are babies. Deworm your pets regularly to keep them (and your family) safe!

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