National Pet Week

We are so excited at Circle B that summer is just around the corner. May happens to be one of our favorite months around here as it happens to the birth month of one of our favorite Vet’s, Dr. Buelna! Happy Birthday Dr. B!!!

Another reason May is a great month is that we get to celebrate National Pet Week (May 6th-14th)! We would love to wish all of you a Very Happy National Pet Week and in honor of your Pets we would like to offer everyone who mentions this blog or our facebook post a 15% discount off their exam the week of May 6th to May 14th !

For National Pet week we would like to share some ideas we have to show your pet some love and appreciation every day of the week:

Sunny Sunday- Take your pet out to get some sunshine. Enjoy a walk, the park or just cuddle in your backyard no matter where your sweet pet will enjoy being with you!

Munchies Monday- Give your pet some delicious animal approved snacks. If they are on a prescription diet then just give them a little extra of their normal food they will love it just the same! Just make sure what you give them is safe for them and any conditions they may have. Circle B has many Veterinary approved snacks for your little one so stop by and see us!

Tickle Tuesday- Have a fun and enjoyable tickle session with your pet and if they don’t like to be tickle a good back massage will be just fine!

Wiggle Wednesday- Turn the music up just a bit and wiggle and dance with your pet!

Tummy Rub Thursday- If you think your pet will like a good tummy rub take a break from the stress of the day, even if just for a few minutes, and rub that sweet little or big belly of theirs!

Frolic Friday- Get out with your pet and play, romp around and just enjoy each other!

Sweets Saturday- Make or purchase your pet an animal safe sweet treat to devour on this last day of giving your sweet fur baby all the appreciation you can!

We hope you and your family can spend time enjoying your pet this week and every week! We wish you all a safe and Happy National Pet Week! Please stop by Circle B to take advantage of our discounts.

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