How To Have A Successful Camping Trip With Pets

how to have a successful camping trip with your petDogs can be great companions when you are planning outdoor activities, such as camping. It is an exciting adventure for you and your pet to explore a new place. Any trip with your furry friend can be hassle-free and fun as long as you come prepared. Taking a dog on a camping trip requires care and guidance, so here are a few tips to help you have a successful camping trip with your dog.

4 Tips To Have A Successful Camping Trip

Make Sure the Campsite is Pet Friendly

Before taking your dog to a campsite, it is important to research the campground to ensure they allow dogs. There are plenty of dog-friendly campsites out there, but you don’t want to travel a long way to find out when you arrive that dogs are not allowed. Make sure to review the website or call them to verify the rules and regulations regarding dogs. For example, some campsites may charge an extra fee for pets or there may be restrictions on hiking trails that you can use.

Pack a Doggie Backpack

Packing a bag for your dog is a great way to ensure you have everything the dog will need. For example, in the bag you can keep dog biscuits, water bottles, poop bags and other small necessities. Many pet stores sell comfortable camping bags that designed specifically to be carried by dogs. Simply take your dog to a local pet store and choose a bag or backpack that is best suited to their size.

Don’t Forget the Leash

Most campsites that are pet friendly require dogs to be restrained with a leash at all times. However, even if a leash isn’t required, it’s best to bring one anyway. Dogs are naturally curious, so movements in a nearby bush or even animal sounds will make them go running and exploring and the last thing you want is for your pet to get lost in the woods. A leash will help to keep control of the control so they don’t take off. It’s also a good ideal to take a short leash with you when you’re hiking on a trail and a long leash for when you are at the campsite. Make sure you don’t leave them tied to a tree or locked in the car while you are away from the campsite.

Feeding and Grooming

Remember to bring plenty of food and water for your dog. If they are used to eating at certain times, it is best to stick to the same schedule you use at home. Dogs, just like humans, can get dirty and smelly while camping, so take a small bottle of dog shampoo, a brush and a clean towel so you can give your dog a quick bath if needed.

A new surrounding can be exciting as well as frightening for many dogs. To help them adjust to their new surroundings, bring something they are familiar with from home, such as a favorite toy. Be sure you bring along a first aid kit as well that includes ointments, bandages and dog medicines in case your dog gets in accident while camping. It is also important to bring a swimming jacket for your dog if you plan on swimming, boating or simply camping near a body of water.

Visit your veterinarian before the trip to ensure your dog is healthy enough to camp and to make sure it is safe to take them to certain areas!

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