Water Tips to Safely Enjoy the Pool, Lake, or Ocean with Your Dog

Many people simply assume that every dog knows how to swim, but that isn’t true. Some dogs are better swimmers than others, and some dogs are afraid of the water altogether. You know your dog best, and whether they are swimmers or not, they can still have fun right alongside you as you enjoy the water.

Here are 4 water tips to safely enjoy the pool, lake, or ocean with your dog:

Let Your Dog Use a Swim Vest

If your dog is not a strong swimmer, or the water is quite rough where you are swimming, you may want to put a swim vest on your dog. This will prevent your dog from accidental drowning, plus make it easier for you to help them if they do get into trouble while in the water. Of course, this is a good idea to do with any dog, even if they can swim well, because accidents can happen quickly.

Keep Plenty of Drinking Water Nearby

Your dog is going to get thirsty when they are swimming or even just playing in the water, so you are going to want to keep plenty of drinking water nearby. You may be tempted to let them drink the water that they are swimming in, but you shouldn’t because the chlorine, salt, and parasites from the water can make them ill. The drinking water will quench their thirst while preventing dehydration and heat stroke.

Teach Your Dog How to Get Out Of The Water

Not every dog knows how to get out of the water, and while this step is easy when you are in the lake or the ocean, it is a little trickier with a swimming pool. You will want to teach them how to use the steps in the pool, so that they do not get frustrated trying to climb up over the edge. That can be dangerous, because they will quickly wear themselves out and could end up drowning. If your dog is little or older and wiser, you may want to consider placing a water ramp into the pool that will be much easier for them to use.

Keep Your Dog Cool

The water of the pool, lake, or ocean will help keep your dog cool for a little while, but the blazing sun will quickly cause them to overheat. You will want to find a shady area for them to rest in between swims and if you notice that they are panting excessively, you will want to have them lay down on a cool wet towel.

These four tips will help you keep your dog safe as you are by the water this summer, but you may need to take other precautions depending on your dog. After all, your goal is to have fun with your furry friend and make sure that they are safe the entire time. For more tips for taking care of your pets contact Circle B Veterinary Hospital, PLLC today!

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